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GREATLAND LASER U.S.A. - (Official Web Site)

Swedish Radiation Safety Authority

Norwegian Radiation Safety Authority

Finnish Radiation Safety Authority

Danish Radiation Safety Authority

Icelandic Radiation Safety Authority

European Radiation Protection Authorities Network

Protagia Rescue and Security

Protagia Inter Trade

Protagia Life

Largest Independent TEST of Greatland Rescue Lasers - by World's best known and accepted indpendent test laboratory - UL !!!

Test CERTIFICATE 2014 - Greatland Rescue Lasers !!!

Test Results UL's tests of Greatland Laser Rescue Lasers 2014 !!!

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Test of Green Laser Pointers on the US. markets!

Swedish Folder - Greatland Laser Rescue Lasers!

U.S.A. Folder - Greatland Laser Rescue Lasers!

Press Release 2014!! Greatland Rescue Lasers Receive Independent Certification!

UK Ministry of Defence - LASER Safety Clearence Certificate

US NAVY - (Sterilized) Evasion After Action Report

US NAVAL Surface Warefare Center - Greatland Laser Flare Safety Evaluation Report.

R.A.F. - Informal Trial of Rescue Laser Flare

SWEDISH SAR Helicopter Baltic Sea Test

CIVIL Air Patrol Testemonial

SAR Helicopter PILOT - Adam Davis Testimonial

Great Lakes Scuttlebutt - May 2014 Review

VIDEO - Greatland Laser / Greatland Laser Nordic

UK Radiation Safety Authority

U.S. - NRC / Nuclear Regulatory Commission - United States

The FAA Authorization

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