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What is a Rescue Laser ?

The word "laser" can sometimes make you a bit suspicious and even scared.

However, laser is very concentrated light, most common in a very thin beam of light within certain levels of wavelength. Mostly visible to human eye, but does also appear in wavelengths that is not visible to our eyes.

Greatland Laser - Rescue Lasers, use the visible (non visible only for military purposes) and low rate, friendly laser light to make you visible both night and day, and let you be able to send a sharp light signal for rescuers to see you and find you in case of an emergency or hazard situation, both at sea and on land...

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Rescue Lasers - good and safe !

* Rescue Lasers - are NOT hazrad to your health in any way at all - if you use them the proper way that they are constructed and made for and as long as you follow the user manual and stipulated instructions for learning and use them!

* Rescue Lasers are NOT a toy to "play around" with in everyday environment  They are a very specific and developed sophisticated rescue device for signa-ling to get help in hazard and stressfull situations that could turn out to be life threatening. The best and most effective hand held signaling device - ever made so far!

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Why a Rescue Laser ?

Rescue Lasers are visible to the naked human eye up over 60 km (kilometers) in darkness. (Green Rescue Flare), and over 10 km at daytime.

Rescue Laser beam will cut into mist, fog and smog - like no other known hand held signaling device ever can do. 40 to 50 % more effective than the light from an conventionel light source like a normal light bulb, HID bulb, Xenon bulb or LED diode.

Rescue Lasers are small, light weight, friendly to environment, flexible and very reliable.

Rescue Lasers are international certified low rated effect lasers Class 3R with maximum 5mW cw at wave length of 530 - 680 nm (Nanometer) and apply to the international regulations of: ICE/EN 60825-1, 2001-08 ED 1.2 - US DHHS 21 CFR, Chapter - J.

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